5 minutes with our Sales Manager

5 minutes with our Sales Manager

You have great experience in the world of property, what drew you to property?

It all started as an architecture student, many years ago. My parents built an AVJennings project home, I was amazed. I later became design manager of a homes renovations business, and I found building new was so much easier and better value.

What is your easiest way to help buyers into a new home?

Every buyer is different. This means each buyer has different needs and wants, remember this is arguably the most important life investment!

I love the chat! Face to face conversation allows the buyer to ask questions and receive answers in their context and in real time. Sitting in our Display Sales Centre allows us to provide the buyer with a wealth of knowledge from land choices, preferred builder partners, home designs, and even finance.

As a Sales Consultant, what is Penfold Property Group's key selling point?

We provide the buyer one central "point-of-contact" and a thread to the journey of home building. We live in a world of specialisation. So builder, bank, land developer, legal officers, interior designers, landscapers, sales all in the same industry, with quite often no connection. With our expertise and experience, we can most often provide a solution, without the cost and time to the buyer chasing consultants and specialists.

What is your expert advice for First Home Buyers? 

Build new and buy now! Building new offers huge savings as well as government incentives. Buy land as close as possible, and budget permitting, to the CBD. My advice, is budget more for the land than the house - as the reward (capital gain) will always favour the land position. Remember, don't worry about size! This is not the home forever...but the home for now! Available land for new homes is becoming increasingly scarce...and costly. Buy now!

What do you enjoy most about being a Sales Consultant at Penfold Property Group?  

Problem solving and delivering home and happiness for our buyers is the most rewarding feeling. Everyone has a dream of their home, but lots of questions. We pride ourselves on finding those answers and helping our clients navigate the journey to a happy home.

What is your key goal for the year? 

To see the Penfold Property Group Team deliver happy home ownership to another 200 clients.

Thanks Dave!