TWMT Group Projects

TWMT Group Projects

Meet Wale Makinde, the project director of TWMT Group Projects, a fast-growing building and design company located in Brisbane. We sat down with Wale to chat with him about his company and why he ventured into the construction industry.

Wale has a Diploma in Building Construction and a Bachelors Degree in Architecture. Due to his passion for high quality projects and sustainable design, he then proceeded to complete a Masters Degree in Architecture while at the same time gaining site experience.


Kitchen in TWMT Group Project's house in Avington Street, Doolandella. 

He also saw how rapidly the building industry was growing and decided to start a company which will bring clients ideas to reality without imposing set floorplans, designs or inclusions. One of Wale’s guiding principles is to personally walk with his clients, listen to them and allow them to make their own choices.

“Every client has a dream that their house should be aesthetically pleasing yet affordable. My hope is to always make that dream become a reality. I do not want my client to wake up everyday with any regrets about their house.”


Wale's latest home under construction in Doolandella, Brisbane. 

This idea led him to start his own company, where he could control the process, work directly with clients and ultimately walk the journey one-on-one with each home owner. This is what Wale believes separates his company from other builders in the market. Wale sets a high standard with strict lines of communication and supervision processes, thus making TWMT Group Projects to deliver superior quality homes. “We look after our clients. When our clients are happy, we are happy too", he says.

It is unusual to see the owner of a business on site every day, supervising and assessing each stage, checking the quality of the work but Wale does! “It is easy to get confused and keep changing your mind about your building project but this can delay the process. We know how hard it is for a client to conceptualise what their new home will look like, so trust us at TWMT Group Projects to streamline the process”.

Under construction

TWMT getting a new home underway in Brisbane's South.  

And Wale's favourite thing about the job? Handover! When he gets to see the client smile and they get to move into their new home.

If you’d like to find out more about building with TWMT Group Projects, please call or email Wale on 0470 615 427 or [email protected]

Wale Makinde